Android’s main disadvantage against the iPhone



“The big advantage Apple has with the iPhone is that they control the entire product, top to bottom. The case, the chipsets, the OS, the user interface.”…. “Google’s dependence on hardware and carrier partners puts the final product out of their control — and into the control of companies whose histories have shown them to be incompetent at design and hostile to users.”

No shit…

Yes, agreed, obvious logic, but then put it in layman’s terms…

“Developers working on android apps are put in a position where they need to guess and program for different physical UI scenarios (none of which actually exist in the wild, yet):

Does the target phone have physical buttons?
What is the button configuration?
Does it have a touch screen?
What about different resolutions?
What sensors do you code for? camera? accelerometer? proximity? touchpad?”

Can you say clusterfuck?

Android is looking like a minefield before a few handsets are in developers hands. Might be like a big-wow now, but from the offset, I’ve been thinking how can you tune-in a group of developers favouring a certain platform to produce something that’ll work across the board… and for handsets where the form factor and input devices haven’t been approved/considered/invented.

I like Google, a lot, but Android might be revealing a chink in the armor.