Widgets and free apps

One of the lads on my regular video gaming forum, NTSC-uk, is getting a Mac, and was asking what apps and widgets people use on Mac. No specifics, just chuck some ideas at him. Here’s what I said;

Quicksilver (keyboard app/file launcher)
Once you’ve tried it, you really can’t be without it.

Perian (xvid/divx/x264 codec)
Plug-in to play divx and many other formats in all apps that use the Quicktime architecture. That means watching x264 .mkv files in Front Row

VLC (movie media viewer)
Better movie player than Quicktime, handles everything, does interlacing and subtitles etc.

Adium (instant messaging)
Like the PC/Linux Pigeon, but better. Handles all forms of IM like MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Jabber and Facebook.

Opera (Browser)
I’m a big Opera fan, and the latest versions are great. They don’t suffer slow down and bloat like Firefox and Safari do. If you use a lot of multiple tabs when browsing, try Opera.

Transmisson (Bittorrent client)
Best BT client on the mac

If you do any design, get FontExplorerX for font handling. Free, and looks like iTunes for your fonts.

This was a top-of-my-head list, so if you’ve got something you use and feel other’s would benefit, lemme know!