Seven things you may not know about me

Despite Bruce Lawson’s lovely “Seven things you didn’t want to know about me“, I’ll stick to the original meme for fear of crossing the line…

  1. My real name is actually Duncan.
  2. I have the mild dyslexia of left and right confusion, if asked which direction, my answer is usually “that way”, with a wave of the hand. I wrote L and R on my hands (the correct way round) for my driving test, for my own use and so the instructor knew I’d have trouble.
  3. Believe it or not, I’m the “sensible one” in the family.
  4. I’m related to a well known (current) football player, whose played in England and Spain. Answers on a postcard…
  5. I’ve studied five languages so far during my life, and my abilities in them range from utter crap to rudimentary.
  6. I get real cranky if I don’t have a cup of tea in the morning.
  7. I dislike touching other peoples feet. Even my wife’s.

So there we are, you know me a little better. I do get to punt this onto seven unsuspecting victims, but I don’t think I know that many who blog! No matter, Phil Sherry, Dan Clarke, Chris Iwanowski, Dan Oliver, Rob O’Rourke, Dan Donald and Alejandro Fernández, you’re up next!