I have reason to believe you’re just a theory

I have this theory about the real amount of people on the internet.

Every online service I sign up for, the same people are on there. Oh, hi LuxuryLuke, leandaryan, lloydi, philsherry… I must have the same 20-30 people on 20-30 social networking sites.

Now I have a theory about this. There is only actually about 300 people online on the internet. They are your circle of friends, incidental characters and innocent by-standers whom you flame.

Everyone else, every username you see, every blog you read, every email from someone you don’t know, is what’s known as a non-playable character (NPC) in video gaming jargon… think about it. I bet you’ve not got more than 60-80 people on any number of networking sites (excluding Facebook!) that you actually really know and have probably met, and they’re the same people aren’t they?

Prove me wrong…

More proof in part II