I’ll be at Speak The Web

Speak The WebI’m honoured to have been invited to speak at an upcoming web “gig”, by my two mates Rich Clarke and Dan Donald.

Speak The Web aims to break down the barriers that prevent a lot of people getting to the bigger conferences. Travel, time off work, hotels and the bar bill can all be quite prohibitive, so the lads have started a grass roots collective of local talent and are hitting four venues in the North.

Being a scouser, they asked me if I’d be interested in the Liverpool venue, and of course I said yes.

The tickets are all very reasonably priced, and the whole atmosphere is hoping to be more like a gig than a conference, with speakers hanging round for beers and chat after the shows. I intend to get to the other three, as all the speakers are insightful.

Find out more info at the speaktheweb.org site, or follow them on Twitter, #speaktheweb. See you there!