Speak the Web Liverpool — post match reaction

I’m really pleased to say that the whole Liverpool session of Speak The Web went down really well.

I managed to get through 30 minutes without committing social hari kari or making too bigger tit of myself. Pat Lauke was in full on Opera and HTML5 brainwash form, but energetic and interesting enough to be different from Chris Mill’s session at Leeds. The coup de grâce was obviously Simon Collison of Erskine Design, with his In the Pursuit of Magic presentation, and fair play to him for being drugged up but persevering and putting on a really thoughtful and inspiring presentation.

I really enjoyed my 30 minutes of fame and cannot believe how quick the time flew by. Starting at slide 1, with a counter at 00:01, it’s quite scary, but I felt that after a few slides I got into step quick enough. I’d seen Andy Clarke at Leeds, and had heard that Elliot Jay Stocks and Andy were coming to the Liverpool session. No pressure then! Fortunately, I’d had a few beers with Elliot in Manchester a couple of weeks before, and he turned out to be a thoroughly down-to-earth nice bloke, and we share a lot of common ground with our musical tastes.

There were *loads* of things I’d tried to remember to say, but completely forgot, but also quite a bit I just threw in on the spot. Preparation made this possible, and knowing your subject material!

A bit about why I chose my subject matter, to give you some idea of the decision making as a speaker. When writing the presentation, I didn’t know how the room was going to be split, in terms of designers, front end devs and coders, which is why I asked for a quick show of hands. That made it clear that front end devs were out in force, so hopefully I pitched that well.

I was also aware that I was merely the warm-up act for this gig, and it was my first time speaking at a conference for a long time, so I couldn’t afford to be too esoteric or banal (no, I’m not suggesting Colly was!) but knew I had to be fairly straight forward, but be competent in what I was presentating.

So thank you very much to Dan Donald and Rich Clark for organising the Speak The Web events and inviting me to be part of it all, and thanks to everyone who said hello on the evening, and to all those who’ve followed me on Twitter. I hope you stick around…

Here’s my presentation from the night, and you’ll find Pat and Colly’s on the slideshare.net site.