HTML5, Flash, video and a usable fix

You may have read about my frustrations about the current HTML5 <video> implementation, it’s short-comings and general deflating-balloon sad-trombone-ness.

Enter JW Player, and their HTML5 beta.

The JW Player for HTML5 is a fully skinnable and configurable player based on the new <video> tag found in HTML5. It is built using javascript (jQuery) and enables a seamless fallback to the popular JW Player for Flash. Currently, our HTML5 player is in Beta. Certain functionalities that we consider essential are missing in this Beta version and will be included in the 1.0 release, which we anticipate to be this summer. We encourage you to provide us with feedback on this beta version so that we may incorporate it into the 1.0 release. If you are a developer interested in learning more, please visit the Developer Site.

So I’m pretty damn excited to see this, because as one of their working examples, they show an example with just an MP4 file. Just a single MP4 file! It’s like they read my whinge!

We’re already using the JW Player on the D&AD site, but not at version 5 yet. However, for the coming revisions, we’ll be updating and serving MP4 video to iPads, iPhones and iPods via JW Player for HTML5 in the near future (providing the geeks are happy with everything where they’re concerned!) The JW Player uses the same skins from the Flash Player with the HTML5 player, meaning continuity without bloodshed. Nice.

Colour me happy.