I have reason to believe you’re just a theory–part III

Today was dConstruct, an excellent digital/online/geek event in Brighton. Unfortunately I had to miss this one, as I had other priorities, but I’d been to the last two years events.

This reminded me of another coincidence…

As my first dConstruct day drew nearer, I put a few shouts out to see if any attendees from the North West wanted to car share and chip in for petrol money, as I knew I’d be driving down. At the time, dConstruct were using the BBC’s Backchannel, a service for all attendees to find out a little more about who else was going. You could create a profile, provide a pic, Twitter handle, email and location, which was great for looking up people near me in the North West.

Ahh cool, there was one guy near me in Burnley who was going. Interestingly, his profile said “scouse, but not that scouse like”. Ok, this warrants further investigation, being a scouser meself, like. He might even share a lift and pay for some petrol!

So I emailed him introduced myself, said I was going to dConstruct, asked what the scouse reference was about and that. Turns out he’s from Liverpool. But not just anywhere in Liverpool. Waterloo/Crosby area. Same as me.

Turns out he’s a bit younger than me though, so I didn’t recognise his name. However, after a bit more chatter it turns out he did go to the same school as me, just 10 years later. Like my youngest brother Tom…

You guessed it. He was in Tom’s class.

So now I’m good mates with Rob O’Rourke, or @sanchothefat as he’s better known online, despite the fact he didn’t car share with me that year, as he’d already got tickets. He did join us for the drive the next year tho!

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