I have reason to believe you’re just a theory–part V

I know, part IV is missing, partly because I had a break from blogging, but partly because it blew my mind.

So… another coincidental connection. This time involving someone in London and Japan.

A few weeks ago, as part of JP74‘s work with D&AD, we were introduced to Alasdair Scott of The Bright Place. I’ve known of Al and his work for many, many years, as far back as 1995 when AMX Digital did the multimedia section for a CD single of a band called Smaller, from Liverpool. Smaller were mates of a mate, and me and this mate had just started with Director, Lingo and Premiere. Naturally, we thought we could do all that was on the CD single and more…

Zoom forwards 16 years (!) and Al gives me an #ff on twitter, which was bloody nice of him. One of his mates starts to follow us, a musician called David.

As is often the way on twitter, you don’t talk with someone until one of the tweets hits a chord, or gives you a chance to have fun.

I wanted to do the #100facts about me, but I’d appear like a right tosser26/03/2011 01:09

Too good. I couldn’t keep my scouse gob shut.

@David_CAA was that fact 1? ;)
26/03/2011 01:10

So we got talking… David read my profile and saw the Sega Mega Drive connection, and said he had a mate who sells a lot of Mega Drive gear. Excellent, I say, let me know when he sells some more. David sent us a URL for his shop, and straight away I knew who the seller was! A great guy called Steve Bailey, who lives over in Japan, and makes his living by seeking out obscure and desirable retro gaming objects.

Every month I get about 40quid from Google Adsense, and this virtual money usually goes straight to Steve… currently on tab I’ve got PCE-CD Snatcher and Mamano Devil Hunter Yohko on the Mega Drive!

I got to know Steve by straight up emailing him out of the blue to ask if he’d bid on a Yahoo Japan auction for me. He did, without any money up front, I paid when the auction was won and he delivered. Very trusting, but that – for me – builds massive loyalty. I talk to Steve on FB at least weekly, and was possibly the first person to ask him if the quakes had hit him in Hyogo. He had no idea what was going on, other than a dodgy internet connection and turned the tele on… fortunately he’s in the South and not affected.

So there we go. A guy I was aware of – in the professional multimedia sense, 16 years ago – recommends me to one of his friends (who lives in London, but was originally from Preston!) and he turns out to be mates with the guy in Japan I’ve been buying games off for two years… COINCIDENCE!?

addendum: turns out David knows one of the guys who manages my good, good friends LostAlone!