Desert island video games

This comes up in my mind time and time again, as I try and peg my favourite games of all time. In fact, I guess most gamers play this game when not holding a joypad…

Anyway, this needs some formalised rules!

  • You can pick any eight games to be stuck on a desert island with for the rest of your mortal life (no continues). They can be from any year, any system, any format, any region.
  • If it’s an old system, assume users, networks or technology is still in place to allow enjoyable gaming.
  • This island has plentiful plug socket points. So if you need to take your Mega Drive, Mega-CD and 32X, no problem.
  • You can have whatever the best display is to play these games, from a Sony KV-M1421U through to Hanitrex arcade cab monitors… but I don’t really need to know what you choose, just helps your choices.
  • This mythical island also has ethernet sockets and wifi in the, err, palm trees, so multi-player online games are in the running.
  • You can also nominate some poor sod to be stranded on this island for those co-op games that simply must be played with a 2UP, like Bubble Bobble.

So, since I’m posing the questions, I’ll go first…

  1. Bubble Bobble — Arcade
  2. Skool Daze — ZX Spectrum
  3. Donkey Kong Jr — Famicom
  4. Gunstar Heroes — Mega Drive
  5. Super Mario Maker — Wii U
  6. Phantasy Star Online — Dreamcast
  7. Mario Kart DS — Nintendo DS
  8. Metal Gear Solid V — PS4

I’ll try not to come back and edit this list! If I do, I’ll explain why… promise!

I so badly wanted to put Crazy Taxi on the Dreamcast in there, but it really doesn’t have enough depth to justify a life-time sentence. I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys, whether to say I’m completely wrong and a stupid-head, or to list your favourite eight. But your list *is* wrong.

May 2012 Update: Dropped Call of Duty: MW2 for Vanquish.

June 2015 Update: Realising that I will have to come back and update this list as new games are released, I’ve swapped out Super Mario World for Super Mario Maker. Ohhhh! Big shout! My idea being that I’ll recreate SMW in SMM! Plus all that user generated content from other gamers!

Also swapped Batman PS3 for Donkey Kong Jr. There’s something about the simplicity and perfection in that 8-bit game. And MGSV — PS4 swapped in for Vanquish.