Dreamcast battery mod

Hello again, been a while…

Me and the boy had a weekend of Dreamcast gaming, and after a few power-ons, having to reset the date and time – every time – due to the dead battery was beginning to annoy.

I’ve been here before. Less than 3 months ago, I’m sure, after I got my SLG3000 and tried out the scanlines, realised the internal rechargeable battery was dead. No problem, I have about 30 CR2032s kicking around. A quick google soon but that plan to bed. The internal Dreamcast battery is a rechargeable coin battery. A CR2032 is no good, as the DC will output a charge to the battery, and terrible things could happen. I don’t know what, exactly, but didn’t fancy finding out.

More googling for a rechargeable battery shows they can be an arse to get hold of. Minimum orders of 100x, minimum trade orders of £50 or more etc., so I settled on a more practical solution.

You can solder two rechargeable AAs together (+ to – ) with a short piece of wire, then the other end’s + and – to the same terminals on the PCB. I had a few older AAs lying around, that could hold a charge, but were a few years old, soldered together and wrapped them in electrician’s tape. I removed the three pronged coin battery and legs, then soldered some bell wire into two of the holes on the PCB.

Worked first time.

And I am not the most skilled with a soldering iron.

I did have to move the location of the AAs from the pic shown below, as the case wouldn’t fit back on. I ended up putting them running length ways just to the left of the GD-Rom drive apex.