.net Awards party — revisited

November again.

One year ago I broke my arm in three places and needed surgery after the .Net Awards party.

I get an invite to go to this years bash. Of course I go, right? I mean, lightning can’t strike twice.

And it didn’t.

We had a great time. I did four client visits before the first beer, and one during. Hooked up with Phil Sherry and Tweedy, joined by Techie Rob and a few more, then off to the do. The theme this year was “Rock”, as if you couldn’t figure that out from the picture above (from l-r: me, Rob Ryan, Dan Oliver, Bruce Lawson, Chris Mills and Patrick Lauke.

The Iron Maiden cover band were excellent, Guns2Roses… well, I’m not a G’n’R fan… and the last band, Conquest of Steel, with legendary Opera Dev Relations dude Chris Mills on drums utterly rocked.

So no shocking x-rays this year. No tales of train-catching heroics while on morphine. No more stupidity… for now.