NorthernDigitals #BLABMini3

I’m a regular at Northern Digitals, an event for like minded people involved in digital creative industries around Manchester, to get together, have a beer, talk about work, techniques or influences, ruminate and make new friends.

The popularity of ND nights prompted Matt Booth and Gavin to host a more formal event, which they called BLAB. Featuring a recognised figure from our online/creative industry, they’d do a talk, we’d all drink beer and everyone would enjoy themselves. Following this format, BLABMini was created, featuring 5–6 speakers, shorter talk times, slightly more informal.

I got an email off Matt asking me to talk at the latest BLABMini, on the 1st December at The Deaf Institute. The subject was on “Things I’ve Seen”, links you’ve been passed on twitter or via blogs, makes you stop and think “wow” or “why didn’t I think of that”. Quite an open-ended subject, so I pinned mine on inspirational things I’ve seen.

I also narrowed it down to be things I’ve seen on Vimeo, as most of the really cool/wow stuff I see is on there, and I hammer that “Later” button. Pretty sure I have more content on there than on my Tivo!

Anyway, it was my first time at the venue, it’s like an old school house or something, and hardly touched inside. It’s great! I met with the other speakers before it kicked off, @katiemoffat @katiemaymanc @VariousArtists & @JeffreyBowman. We decided on a running order, and said I didn’t mind being last.

The content from the speakers varied wildly, from 9/11 memorials, via brown bananas and spoof chef videos to keeping sane in a city. I showed three videos from Vimeo, a piece on calligraphy, an intro to a skateboarding video and a rock video. All talks were very well received, the audience were attentive and appreciative, and knowing the kind of crowd that goes to ND nights, it was a good feeling knowing where to pitch the talk.

Thanks to Matt & Gav, all the speakers and the audience. I really enjoyed myself.

As usual, the BLAB talks are filmed, and will appear over on the BLAB page on Vimeo when edited… I will post a link when it arrives!

Panoramic pic by Harry Bailey