Pocket sized stumbler

Asus EEE… apparently will run a hacked Mac OS X install… hmm!

This is too tempting. £200 for a pocket sized, lightweight, ultra-portable Mac laptop. I’ve just been to London this week, and it was a pain in the ass dragging the 15″ MacBook Pro around and trying to use it while waiting for trains etc.

This Asus will appeal to many Mac geeks… will let you know how it works for stumbling ;)

Stumble: War-walking

Gijón is pretty much uncharted territory on wigle.net, so I brought my GPS, laptop and USB wifis with me this trip. Since I didn’t have a car to cruise round in, I set up my laptop up on my son’s walker and pushed him down to the beach for a stroll in the evening…

I was pretty amazed by the results, a helluva lot of APs, and a lot of the were unprotected or just WEP.

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View from the apartment

I’m on holiday in Spain, Gijón to be precise. It’s a lovely town, right by the sea, very hot, affluent and safe… and lots of APs. So what does a geek do? Get the laptop and wifi gear out for a scan!

From a walk through the apartment, into each room, I collected 124 APs. Not bad going! The placement of the APs is all over the place, because the GPS unit was indoors and probably lost it’s signal. But here’s the results of a 30 second walk!

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New hardware…

I got a Linksys WUSB54G v4 off Ebay last week, with the intention of modding it for an external antenna, but took it for a drive earlier today.I was picking up a lot more SSIDs during a drive around town, routes I’ve travelled before and I’m pretty sure I was picking up SSIDs from both sides of the street, as opposed to the houses on the side I’m driving. It’s done my wigle.net stats the world of good ;)

Looks like the WUSB54G is a good, receptive bit of kit. Can’t wait for the modding!
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