Stumble: Blackpool illuminations

[xmlgm {} maxlat=53.816159;minlat=53.816159;maxlon=-3.056602;minlon=-3.056602;zoom=12;maptype=G_MAP_TYPE]

We went to see the Blackpool illuminations this evening, and I thought it’d be perfect for a stumble, as I’ve not done one in a while. Windy, sporadic rain, but I collected 1,122 SSIDs!

F**king Kismet!

As you may have well deduced, I’m a mac boy.

I know of the command line, and I’m not scared of it, as such, but I was getting a bit miffed with instructions for getting Kismet running under Linux Mint/Ubuntu.

Essentially, every guide told you how to install Kismet, told you to edit your .conf file and then quite simply “type kismet to start”… as you can imagine, with no immeadiate correct results, I got quite irritated quite quickly!

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Asus EEE – FTW!

Installing eeeBuntu

Took me long enough, but I’ve bought an Asus EEE 4G.

What an amazing little machine. Great size, light weight, surprisingly good build quality. Ram and an SD card are on the way to max it out, and with the help of Nathan at work, we installed eeeBuntu instead of the default Xandros Playskool OS.

The compiler of eeeBuntu has done a sweet job, making the OS very Mac-like, which is great for me as I’m used to the icons, so learning a new OS isn’t as alien.

Next step, get the GlobalSat BU-353 USB GPS running with some linux logging apps.

Stumble: War-walking

Gijón is pretty much uncharted territory on, so I brought my GPS, laptop and USB wifis with me this trip. Since I didn’t have a car to cruise round in, I set up my laptop up on my son’s walker and pushed him down to the beach for a stroll in the evening…

I was pretty amazed by the results, a helluva lot of APs, and a lot of the were unprotected or just WEP.

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View from the apartment

I’m on holiday in Spain, Gijón to be precise. It’s a lovely town, right by the sea, very hot, affluent and safe… and lots of APs. So what does a geek do? Get the laptop and wifi gear out for a scan!

From a walk through the apartment, into each room, I collected 124 APs. Not bad going! The placement of the APs is all over the place, because the GPS unit was indoors and probably lost it’s signal. But here’s the results of a 30 second walk!

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