Nintendo Famicom

Hello again…

I’ve been busy with work – a lot – but have found time to mod the old Nintendo Famicom to give a composite video output, for use on TVs with an AV input.

I’d read a *lot* of guides on how to go about doing this, with the writers having a range of successes, but a lot of modders kept getting ‘jail bars’. Jail bars are the vertical lines that run the full height of the screen at repeated intervals, that are caused by the clock/processor interfering with the video signal. My first mod had jail bars, but I thought they weren’t bad. The jail bars on my stock Twin Famicom were worse! Continue reading “Nintendo Famicom”

Modding Game Boys

Hello all, I know I haven’t updated this blog in a long time – like over a year – but I will try harder this year, I promise.

Anyway, one of the more fun bits that I’ve been up to last year was modding original Game Boys. I saw some back light mods by Joe, a friend on twitter, and did a bit of digging. It’s not a terribly difficult mod, only needing to solder two wires for the basic effort, going up to adding a hex inversion chip for biverting the display. Continue reading “Modding Game Boys”