dConstruct 2008, Brighton

dConstuct 2008, Designing the Social Web is a yearly event held in the Brighton Dome, including speeches and workshops around the topic of the evolving social side of the internet.

After catching a few friends on Twitter and GeekUp talking about dConstruct I thought I’d get myself along to a conference again, as I’ve not been to any for a few years. Being scouse, I blagged a ticket off a friend at .net, one of the event sponsors, booked a hotel and put a call out on GeekUp to see if anyone wanted to split petrol money (of course I’d go by car, a chance for a long war-drive!)

The mighty Chris Mills from Opera took me up on the offer, so on the Thursday 4th Sept. I picked him up on route through Manchester. I’ve worked with Chris a few times before, when he was an editor at Friends of ED, and I was tech reviewing books, so it was good to finally meet face-to-face. The drive down to Brighton (from the North West – 6 hours!) flew by thanks to good conversation and an awesome selection of music from the iPod.

We got to Brighton, dumped the bags, and hooked up with some more ex-FofED’ers, Bruce and Matt, had dinner then headed to the pre-party at Po Na Na. At the club I met up with two more Northerners, Rob O’Rourke (web designing Scouser in Burnley, friend of my youngest brother) and Dan Donald (Here In The Hive), drank a bit and chatted, taking in the faces and clocking the rock stars of the standards world… ahem.

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