Using a Mac Mini as a Media Centre

For quite a while, I’ve had a Mac Mini hooked up the TV, streaming DVDs and xvids to the TV, and all my music on for streaming to an Airport Express.

The Mini is on 24/7, also acting as a dev web server for nerding, and running ftp and a few other protocols, allowing me to grab an album from wherever, whenever.

As good as Front Row has been, it’s just not… geeky enough for me. The wife uses it without issue, and my son yells when the selector is on a few of the menu options he wants. But I want more geek Continue reading “Using a Mac Mini as a Media Centre”

Pixelmator says a thousand words

Pixelmator‘s been making in-roads into designers/programmers toolboxes on the mac for a year or so now. You may have read or heard about it on the various Mac news sites, it’s a light-weight image editor, built on Cocoa, passing graphics tasks off to your graphics chip, challenging Photoshop etc.

Some of it’s hype, some of it hyperbole, but what can’t be ignored is that Pixelmator’s a great app that’s turning heads. And it’s $59. No, that’s not a typo.

I grabbed a beta of Pixelmator when it first launched and was mildly impressed. On a recent MacHeist bundle, Pixelmator was one of the apps, to which I thought, bonus, I’ll try it out more.

One to watch, I thought, a feeling echoed by long time friend and graphics man, Mark Coleran. He felt that while Photoshop was such a bohemoth, and with a prohibitive cost as a major entry barrier for casual users or coders needing a solid graphcis app, there was a market area for someone to sneak in, steal a user base and make in-roads, all for about 40quid.

So as a long time Photoshop user and beta tester, where would Pixelmator fit in my workflow? Continue reading “Pixelmator says a thousand words”

Why Opera?

Bruce Lawson asked the Twitterverse for a show of hands of Opera users, and their whys, but if not, let him know the reasons. At the moment, I’m an Opera user.

I say at the moment because my browser of choice seems to change on a bi-monthly basis. Being a Mac user, with the whole Mobile Me set-up and an iPhone, there’s a certain amont of comfort in using Safari. As such, I usually flirt with another browser for a few weeks, then fall back to old faithful.

So what sets me off looking to swap browsers? Continue reading “Why Opera?”


I know I’m late in mentioning this, but I’ve been very busy in both professional and personal life, so things like spewing bile on a blog have to wait.

Anyway, Kismac has been moved away from it’s German roots, due to draconian and rather pathetic laws that have been passed there, from the Kismac team;

“As you may well be aware, we have moved this part of the site offshore to Switzerland. The German politicians have shown their lack of understanding of security matters by deciding to ban anything that can be used to breach security.”

The new site is located at so drop by there, and if you can program, get involved!

Realtime updates in Google Earth

There’s a neat bit of software that you can use in conjunction with your GPS unit and Google Earth to show your position in realtime while Stumblin’.

Using gps2geX, the software generates an “on the fly” KML file which is loaded in Google Earth. The co-ordinates for gps2geX are updated from the gpsdX daemon, which is also being used by KisMac, so no one app is taking sole control of the GPS unit.

The results are pretty cool. You can see your exact position on Google Earth, updated as per your settings in gps2geX, Google Earth even tilts and pans the camera around based on what direction and speed you’re moving in.

Continue reading “Realtime updates in Google Earth”