Up in the cloud

My last WordPress update to 3.2 couldn’t happen on one of our older shared servers, as it was running earlier versions of PHP and MySQL. I forget which was the culprit, but it meant I wasn’t getting the new lovely interface and other enhancements. I also run about 7–8 personal projects and friends sites off our company servers, which while they’re not big hitters or bandwidth guzzlers, I have been known to take the server offline while “trying something out”.

Therefore I decided to look at finally getting my very own hosting. Can you believe it? 15 years of making websites and I’ve never had my own hosting! I know a few friends use WebFaction, Melbourne Server Hosting and RackSpace, but I wasn’t convinced I’d need anything too big, or expensive. I run a few blogs, we keep all media on services like YouTube and Vimeo and average page impressions hover in the 30-100 a day per site, with exceptions for houseofninja.com and speaknspell.co.uk.

Amazon Web Services

With this in mind, and already having an Amazon AWS S3 account, I did a bit of googlin’ about Amazon’s EC2 cloud hosting. We’ve all heard the phrase “cloud computing”, even my mum has, and it is very much the buzz at the moment. In brief, it’s about providing resizable, scalable, cheap on-demand computing. In my case, about letting me set up a server that operates on an “as used” basis, upping it’s processing power when called upon, pumping out bandwidth when hammered, and I only pay for those occasions. Continue reading “Up in the cloud”

I have reason to believe you’re just a theory

I have this theory about the real amount of people on the internet.

Every online service I sign up for, the same people are on there. Oh, hi LuxuryLuke, leandaryan, lloydi, philsherry… I must have the same 20-30 people on 20-30 social networking sites.

Now I have a theory about this. There is only actually about 300 people online on the internet. They are your circle of friends, incidental characters and innocent by-standers whom you flame.

Everyone else, every username you see, every blog you read, every email from someone you don’t know, is what’s known as a non-playable character (NPC) in video gaming jargon… think about it. I bet you’ve not got more than 60-80 people on any number of networking sites (excluding Facebook!) that you actually really know and have probably met, and they’re the same people aren’t they?

Prove me wrong…

More proof in part II

Realtime updates in Google Earth

There’s a neat bit of software that you can use in conjunction with your GPS unit and Google Earth to show your position in realtime while Stumblin’.

Using gps2geX, the software generates an “on the fly” KML file which is loaded in Google Earth. The co-ordinates for gps2geX are updated from the gpsdX daemon, which is also being used by KisMac, so no one app is taking sole control of the GPS unit.

The results are pretty cool. You can see your exact position on Google Earth, updated as per your settings in gps2geX, Google Earth even tilts and pans the camera around based on what direction and speed you’re moving in.

Continue reading “Realtime updates in Google Earth”