Life with the NC10 and OSX

After Christmas, I spent two and a half weeks in Spain with my wife’s family. Having done this many a time, and having taken many different laptops with me, I generally know what I need from a laptop to keep me semi-sane.

One of the best laptops I’d taken in the past was the 12″ PowerBook, and believe me, if Apple made an Intel netbook approaching this small footprint form factor, I’d have one. But alas, that’s a different blog post waiting to happen. However, the 15″ MacBook Pro was a pain in the ass. No desk space to keep it on, unwieldly in size (even fearing warping it when bending over with it in a rucksack) and a battery boasting about 2 hrs, it was a little too much. Continue reading “Life with the NC10 and OSX”

Wardriving with an EEE

wEEEdriving? Anyway, with Mac OS X on the Asus, Kismac was next. While I waited for the Dell mini pci-e card to arrive, I dug out the old D-Link DWL-G122 USB stick and the GlobalSat USB GPS and hooked it all up.

After remembering where all the relevant drivers were, Kismac worked fine, found my two SSIDs at home, and the GPS was getting a signal and put me roughly in the right place. I say roughly as the dot to show where you are covers about 70% of the UK on the default map!

The Asus is so light weight, and OS X gets roughly 2.5 hrs on the battery (this will drop with it powering USB devices, but certainly long enough to go for a cycle or walk with the EEE in a backpack. Gets a bit warm, but nothing too alarming. We’ll see how it fares on holiday in Spain!

Mac OS on Asus

Really enjoying my Asus EEE, and have tried a few linux distros (mostly Ubuntu based) but I’m a mac boy, and once I started reading about the Uphuck and JaS hacks, well… it’s was only a couple of gig away!

I’m sure Nathan will be relieved that I’m no longer asking n00b linux questions, ad the next step is to get Kismac and the GPS on the Asus EEE.


I know I’m late in mentioning this, but I’ve been very busy in both professional and personal life, so things like spewing bile on a blog have to wait.

Anyway, Kismac has been moved away from it’s German roots, due to draconian and rather pathetic laws that have been passed there, from the Kismac team;

“As you may well be aware, we have moved this part of the site offshore to Switzerland. The German politicians have shown their lack of understanding of security matters by deciding to ban anything that can be used to breach security.”

The new site is located at so drop by there, and if you can program, get involved!

Realtime updates in Google Earth

There’s a neat bit of software that you can use in conjunction with your GPS unit and Google Earth to show your position in realtime while Stumblin’.

Using gps2geX, the software generates an “on the fly” KML file which is loaded in Google Earth. The co-ordinates for gps2geX are updated from the gpsdX daemon, which is also being used by KisMac, so no one app is taking sole control of the GPS unit.

The results are pretty cool. You can see your exact position on Google Earth, updated as per your settings in gps2geX, Google Earth even tilts and pans the camera around based on what direction and speed you’re moving in.

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