MD001 Poster

Finally. Eleven months since the first ideas for posters were discussed with my mate Dan Clarke, they’re up for sale on the site, and selling nicely.

If you know me, you’ll have seen me tweeting about it all, and will have seen pics put up as we got the silkscreen printing done and all, but it’s a really great feeling to be able to put something out, back to the video gaming community, of which I feel very involved, and have it well received. Dan’s illustration work is an excellent piece of graphic design, and the quality of the printing and paper set this out as a premium piece of art. So much so it’s got coverage on design blogs as well as gaming sites.

Generally, this has been noted and understood by most people who’ve seen the prints. Those who say they’ve ran a 1,000 prints at a local copyshop for their band that are “way more intricate” miss the whole fucking point, so I haven’t wasted any bytes arguing on forums. The forums and gamers that matter to me “get it”.

What’s particularly pleasing about the silkscreen process, is that the overlay and translucency of the inks is almost *exactly* the same as Dan’s visuals. Which is pretty good, since neither of us do much, if any, printwork! The silkscreen process also introduces an element of individuality to each print, as while it’s all aligned correctly, the run of inks and such add little¬†idiosyncrasies¬†to the edges. I really like this.

We will be doing more, and not just confined to Sega/Mega Drive stuff. Dan’s a big SNES-boi, and I have to admit to being partial to a few SNES classics, and we both specifically love the Japanese SNES console box art, so expect something along those lines next. Maybe even a Neo Geo print, as that yellow and blue is very, very iconic.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen anything about these posters (what, really?!) then take a look at this video. Thanks!

Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th Birthday

Sonic the Hedgehog. For many of us retro games an icon. A trailblazer and true competitor to that ever-present and overly-competent plumber.

To many of the younger generations, well, I don’t know. The subject of many random game outings and IP tie-ins, of which very few are done well. An object of ridicule.

When Sonic first got a few column inches in gaming mags, the news fresh from America (way before we had internet) made the excitement palpable. The screen shots looked cool. He had bags of attitude, and because all the shots were stills, word on the street was the guy was rapid. Faster than any scrolling platformer you’d ever seen before. Eat that, plumber! Continue reading “Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th Birthday”