Desert island video games

This comes up in my mind time and time again, as I try and peg my favourite games of all time. In fact, I guess most gamers play this game when not holding a joypad…

Anyway, this needs some formalised rules!

  • You can pick any eight games to be stuck on a desert island with for the rest of your mortal life (no continues). They can be from any year, any system, any format, any region.
  • If it’s an old system, assume users, networks or technology is still in place to allow enjoyable gaming.
  • This island has plentiful plug socket points. So if you need to take your Mega Drive, Mega-CD and 32X, no problem.
  • You can have whatever the best display is to play these games, from a Sony KV-M1421U through to Hanitrex arcade cab monitors… but I don’t really need to know what you choose, just helps your choices.
  • This mythical island also has ethernet sockets and wifi in the, err, palm trees, so multi-player online games are in the running.
  • You can also nominate some poor sod to be stranded on this island for those co-op games that simply must be played with a 2UP, like Bubble Bobble.

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Top 10 Video Games of the Decade

I seem to be on a roll with video games at the moment. I guess that’s for two reasons. My boy is getting old enough to play Mario Kart on the Wii, and the winter in the UK is made for gaming. Cold, wet and dark.

Anyways, there was a question on the gaming forum I use a lot for chatter and buying/selling, NTSC-uk, asking what your Top 10 Games of the Decade were. Wow, that got me thinking. It’s actually a pretty tough question, and it’s hard to date some games in your head, as when you look ’em up they were too early in many of my cases. So we chatted about it at work and with friends on Twitter, but it’s taken me all day to get this down.

Here it is, in no specific order.
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Emulation has been something I’ve been interested in for years… getting super excited about trying to run Sega Megadrive games on a 7200/90 PowerMac when I first learned about emulation. This was all quickly killed by the frustration of seeing the game stutter and jerk about like about like a bad strobe attack.

It took many years for things to improve, but even then I felt cheated, using a £1,200 laptop to play a 20 year old game that I had in the attic that would run without the problems… but with recent handhelds, thankfully, there’s been a better way. Continue reading “Emulationatron”