HTML5 <video> – a (very) short trip into real world use

After my last post about HTML5 video and thinking everyone’s getting ahead of themselves, I’d like to point out I’m not that stupid that I was going to ignore it completely, until I’d had a chance to try it out in a real world work environment situation. I can now ignore it. For a few years/implementations, at least.

It had been weighing on my mind that one of clients has a lot of video, and a lot of their audience are Mac users. This will probably mean there’s a high percentage of iPhone users, and in the coming months, iPad users.

So I’d been thinking about wrapping the Flash video player we have with the <video> tag and seeing how we go. A bit of an experiment, being eager to use these HTML5 elements because they show so much promise of doing things “the right way”, without kludgey plug-ins and so forth. So armed with a chapter on multimedia from messers Bruce Lawson and (the real) Remy Sharp from their forthcoming HTML5 book, I embarked on a journey of discovery. Continue reading “HTML5 <video> – a (very) short trip into real world use”

HTML5 video. Are we getting ahead of ourselves?

One thing I really like about talking to some of the Opera guys I know, is that they will take the time to consider another viewpoint. Whilst they’re all about the open web, they realise they need to listen to people who are making and creating content for clients, but face real world restrictions like time and budget. I know. Ridiculous…

I run a business (well, Pete does most the business end stuff, but you know what I mean) and all this talk about HTML5 <video> tags has kinda riled me a little bit, because it’s getting so much exposure, and to be honest I think it’s already shot itself in the foot.

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